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Avatars and Powerups

MetaGym Buddy Avatars possess unique attributes that directly relate to their earning performance at each earning modality.

Each MetaGym Buddy Avatar has a ranking of 1-100 for the following attributes:

  • Endurance: Directly affects the ability to earn based on Cardio and HIIT training.
  • Strength Directly affects the earning potential for strength/resistance training.
  • Mindfulness: Directly affects the earning potential of Meditation, Flexibility, and Foam Rolling.
  • Recovery: Directly affects the earning potential of Sleep.
  • Appetite: Directly affects the earning potential of Eat to Earn

Each Avatar has a randomly generated starting attribute level. Within the MetaGym Marketplace, upgrades and power-ups can be purchased in the form of clothing and gym gear. An example would be purchasing new running shoes for your avatar, which upgrades the endurance attribute by a factor of 20, therefore increasing your ability to earn more for that modality. All attributes max out at 100.

Keep in mind that Avatars can suffer from fatigue and overtraining. If an avatar maximizes its earning potential for 5 days straight for the more strenuous modalities, it reduces the earning potential of the endurance and strength attributes by a factor of 10.