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Getting Started

To start, users need to download the MetaGym app

  1. Download the MetaGym app (coming soon)
  2. Create your MetaGym Account: After downloading the app on your mobile device, sign up with your email address. You will receive a verification code to your email to verify your account.
  3. Create a MetaGym Web3 Wallet: Create a wallet by clicking the Wallet icon. You will see a 12-word secret phrase appear. This will be used to recover your Wallet if you forget your password. Do not lose this recovery phrase. Store it in a safe place as it is required if you uninstall the app.
  4. Purchase or transfer Polygon into your wallet: In order to purchase a MetaGym Buddy metaverse avatar and corresponding clothing, power-ups, and upgrades, you will need to have Polygon (MATIC) in your wallet.
  5. Acquire or lease your MetaGym Buddy: Go to the marketplace (in development) to purchase or lease a MetaGym Buddy to begin your physical and financial transformation.
Getting started