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  • The Marketplace is located on the MetaGym app and is the location that houses buying, selling, and trading avatars. Further, the marketplace will be used to purchase power-ups, upgrades, NFT clothing, shoes, and gym gear.

  • The Marketplace will serve as the center for daily leasing of avatars to new users who wish to exercise-to-earn without purchasing a MetaGym Buddy NFT Avatar.

  • One of the biggest barriers to entry in web3 is the typical higher costs of NFTs to get started with exercise-to-earn. The marketplaces leasing center will lower the barrier to entry for those who want to test out the Exercise-to-Earn ecosystem.

  • It will be as easy as downloading the app, creating a wallet, and clicking the lease button for new users to get started.

  • Leasing agreements will start with 24-hour periods and eventually move to up to five days. This encourages consistent opportunities for new users to have opportunities to lease.