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Exercise To Earn

  • MetaGym’s exercise-to-earn platform is accessed by connecting your wallet to the MetaGym Mobile Application.

  • Once connected, you will earn HRT based on certain health and exercise modalities and the number of MetaGym Buddy Avatars you have in your wallet. Each MetaGym buddy has a daily maximum earning potential of 100 HRT. You may have up to 50 MetaGym Buddy avatars in your wallet to maximize your earnings.

  • Don't own a Metagym Buddy? Start your Exercise to Earn journey for free by connecting your wallet. Keep in mind that earnings will be limited and leasing or owning a MetaGym buddy increases your earning potential significantly.

  • Gamification highlight: Each avatar has unique attributes that promote a specific type of modality. Learn more in the GAMIFICATION section.

  • You also have the option to lease an avatar to users in the marketplace to earn from other’s positive health and exercise behaviors. Leasing provides a 70/30 split for the lessee/lessor.

  • Our initial application launch will focus solely on cardiorespiratory training modalities with the implementation of more earning modalities in the roadmap.